Readings & Signings

When I first started writing and telling stories, I didn’t have an ‘end game’. In fact, I didn’t even imagine being published. I wrote because there was a story in me that wanted to be told.

When I first created Kinthur for a game of Dungeons & Dragons, I didn’t expect much more than an interesting setting for the game to take place. As time passed and my games got more complex, eventually people that didn’t play were subjected to hearing stories about the world of Kinthur. Eventually someone pipped up with a “you should write this down and publish.”

I had already written it down, but now the idea of publishing was there and I tried to get a book written. Fast forward twenty years and I finally completed something. A novel, ready to be published. After a year of shopping around, I settled on self publishing, because the world is changing and that’s what was going to get my story out there.

Now what?

Now the book has to be marketed so people will see it and buy it and hopefully read it and enjoy it. And that means signings and readings. Meeting strangers in public and speaking in public, answering questions…it’s an introverts nightmare. But now I’m doing it, still working past my fear of speaking in public. Despite my misgivings, I’m told I do a fair job. If you’re interested in having me read and/or appear for a signing, please Contact Me.

I hope you enjoy my world as much as I enjoyed creating it.