Chronicles of Kinthur


Welcome Readers to the World of Kinthur

A land of fantasy for you to get lost in. There are loads of adventures for you to explore, whether you like wizards and dragons, vampires and intrigue, or world-shaking prophecies, there’s a series waiting for you. 

Demons, Dragons & Demigods

Book 2 in the Knights of Airygon Series

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Follow the continuing adventures of Ellwyn and her band of adventurers as they follow the trail of prophecy and encounter the best and worst of people and monsters along the way.








Start where it all began with The Dark Gift, Penta Ka Wa Book One

The world seemed at peace for old Penta, celebrating his 70th year with his final plowing. He’d had a good life and was ready to sit back and enjoy his family and twilight years, but the universe had other plans. Darkness took it all from him and set him on a path of horror and blood. Now Penta must fight to keep his own humanity and self against the neverending Hunger.

I’m excited to announce that The Dark Gift has received its first professional review in the gamer magazine Knights of the Dinner Table, issue 295, page 59. This is a huge deal for me as I read this almost religiously for the insight, the laughs, and the tears. A big thank you to Noah Chinn for taking a gamble on an indie author such as me, I couldn’t be happier. I hope to bump into him, or any of the celebs at Kenzerco when I attend DragonCon 2022!

That Damn Dragon! tells the origin story of the intrepid adventurers that faced a vampire in The Dark Gift. See how these five unlikely individuals came together to form one of the most beloved groups in the world of Kinthur.

An elven ranger, made an orphan at the hands of orcs, discovers a nefarious plot by the orc god to descend upon the world and bring a thousand years of darkness. No one seems to believe her, so it’s up to her and her companions to unravel the prophecy and save the world! The Blood of Orcs marks the beginning of a new series and the first collaborative work between Trevor Jones and April Nia Raine.