New Blood

Friends, Family and Readers, I’m excited to present the first in a collaborative series with April Nia Raine, The Blood of Orcs.

Do the gods even care?

The orcs of Kinthur have been conspiring to circumvent the long-standing Gods’ Covenant. They plot to bring their evil god, Old One-Eye, back to rule Kinthur and dominate or destroy the other races. Ellwyn, a young elven ranger, and her companions stumble upon an ancient prophesy that foretells this event. With only the help of her companions, she must unravel the mystery before it’s too late. They are set on a course that will lead to high magic, monsters, treasures and possible death. Can they stop the orcs in time and at what terrible cost?

This beginning of a new trilogy marks the first in a collaborative writing effort between the creator of Kinthur, Trevor Jones, and April Nia Raine. Set in a time, thousands of years after the original novels, the blood feud between elves and orcs still rages on, but for how long?

Follow the elven ranger Ellwyn from her traumatic origins to her rise as a warrior unlike any other.


  1. Loved the book just finished it. Is their going to be book 2 and 3? Noticed not much activity in a year

    1. Thank you so much for asking. We survived the pandemic and managed to buy a house. All of which have slowed us down. The sequel to Blood of Orcs is in editing now, and should be out this summer. Keep an eye out on your emails for a newsletter and a chance to buy an autographed copy directly from the website.

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