Give Away!

That’s right, Dear Readers, I’m doing a giveaway. For a limited time, the first book Penta Ka Wa: The Dark Gift, will be available for a free download on Kindle from Amazon. Starting Wednesday, June 24th through the weekend you can get the first book free. So if you’ve been wondering what the fuss is all about, now you can get that first taste for free.

If you’re wondering why? It’s obvious – to drive sales to the sequel of the series Rise of a Master. These books have just received new cover art and wider circulation through email lists and promotion sites, so I’m hoping to see some serious movement. The audiobook for Rise of a Master is in final production and will be out this summer.

Do you know what an author wants just as much as sales? Reviews! That’s right, a simple review. On Amazon or Goodreads or any other site that you enjoy sharing your experience. Tell me, and the world, what you thought of the book, the characters, and the world of Kinthur. Without reviews, how do I know what your experience is like?

As excited as everyone is for the third book in the series, it’s on hold as I complete That Damn Dragon: Book 1 in the Heroes Series. This is the prequel that explains the origins of the adventurers that appeared in The Dark Gift. You heard right. Deniczar the wizard, Digby the dwarven rogue, Hector the barbarian, Amelia the priestess, and Nalowyn the elven ranger all return. See how they met and joined together in the grandest of adventures.

Updates will be made as we get closer to publication. I look forward to the end of the pandemic so that we can see each other face to face at book signings and launch parties. Stay safe out there, my fantasy lovers, and keep reading! ~Trevor