Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Kinthur?

Kinthur is the fantasy world that the stories of Trevor Jones takes place. It is an immense world of adventure, filled with fantastical creatures, heroes and magic.

What does Kinthur mean?

Kinthur’s name comes from the first letter of each of the major founding dieties.

Krar – God of creation, justice, law, honor, and warfare. He brought about the Turning, creating night and day. He is the god of righteousness. He created the first Silver and Steel dragons.

Intak – Goddess of Nature, esp. plants. It is she that hung the two moons in the sky. Goddess of the dance, laughter, and music. The Willow and Oak are sacred to her.

Nuntil – They are a deity without gender, appearing sometimes male and sometimes female. They are protector of bards, fools, jesters and drunks. Travelers and lost children pray to Nuntil. A Chair is their holy symbol.

Tsar – Goddess of animals and especially cats. Goddess of the hunt and protector of tribe and family.

Halovine – Goddess of women and mysteries. Keeper of the hearth and secrets.

√úntil – God of lies, traitors and deceivers. Pervert-er of Truth.

Rktar – God of destruction and horror. God of murder and creator of twisted monsters.

How many stories are there about Kinthur?

Kinthur has been around since 1991 and has dozens of stories. The first novel, Penta Ka Wa: The Dark Gift is the first to be published. The world of Kinthur has over ten thousand years of history already with many years to come.

Are all your stories going to be full length novels?

Actually, Kinthur has given rise to novels and short stories. They will be published or made available as fast as possible. Right now you can get a free short story for download by subscribing HERE