The collected works that follow all take place in the fantasy world of Kinthur.

An Adventure of Magic, Blood and Power
Penta was a Horseman of great renown, some might even say he was legendary. Now in his retiring years and he is ready to watch the setting sun from the porch with his wife of many decades. But when unexpected violence takes her and everything from Penta, he must learn how to survive as an unwilling vampire. Set in the fantastical world of Kinthur, filled with magic and heroes, Penta’s journey will take him across strange lands and encounters with creatures of darkness and light. He must now find a balance between the man he once was and the growing darkness that now lives within him calling for blood and power.

From the reviews
Wizards of the light and the arcane arts, a group of adventurers who seek revenge, a forbidden love that must be kept secret, a vigilante who only kills those with the blackest hearts, elves, gnomes, dwarfs, clerics, a lich, necromancers, and an approaching army setting events in motion and causing some plans to fall awry.–Daniel Gregory

Kudos Mr. Jones, you have captivated this non vampire girl’s heart!–Kwd

I really enjoyed the plot, characters, and pacing.–Matthew Broadway

Published Feb 2019 Book 1 of 9 in the Penta Ka Wa Series

Published November 2019

Even a vampire tires of running and living in the wild.
It’s been two hundred years since Penta fled from the Kingdom of Cord. In the city-state of Avarice, he finds a vampire mentor and discovers that being undead is a lot more complicated than he thought. Penta learns the true extent and cost of his powers. In Avarice, he finds not only connection, but a reason to continue his existence. But when his mentor demands more than loyalty, Penta will find himself in a conflict of conscience as well as a fight for survival. Will Penta lose what’s left of his soul to the dark appetites of the undead? Can a vampire still experience love and affection? Learn all this and more in the continuing saga of the Penta Ka Wa Series.

From the reviews
This is one of those hidden gems that only when the moons align, and you see a odd title and decided to try it you fall in love.

Thanks for a great series, especially those who are curious about vampires and all they represent. – Michelle Tennant Nicholson

Rise of a Master: Book 2 of 9 in the Penta Ka Wa Series

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That Damn Dragon!

See the origins of the Adventurers first encountered in The Dark Gift.

Available this November 2020!